Who are we?

BALANCE Computer Services provides Enterprise level Information Technology support for any sized business.

How are we different?

Our Help Desk team doesn't sit around waiting on complaints to come into the service board. Proactive maintenance keeps our ticket count and times to a minimum.

Customers and staff?

Our customers are earned one at a time with teamwork, smart planning, and proactive maintenance. Our engineers are hand selected for their helpful personality and their big brains. Our internal IT department is your Internal IT department. Every new customer is another family added BALANCE's diverse and ever growing IT department.

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Why did we choose this path?

This organization was started because we felt small and mid sized businesses deserved the same great support offered at larger organizations. Too often outsourced IT companies treat their client's computer problems like a plumber or a furnace issue, sending an hourly tech to stare at an existing problem. 

What if I still have an issue?

No one likes to call the IT department and complain, but if an issue does slip by our monitoring, we are still there to help 24 hours a day 7 days a week. As a client, we already have inventory information and up to date statistics on your computers and end users. Troubleshooting moves faster than most companies.

Why choose BALANCE?

At BALANCE, we understand to grow your business you need long term goals, planning, and trust. Our objective is to provide the balance between technology's cost, value, end user satisfaction, and security.

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